jim mcilvain
woods hole, ma

the ubiquitous phone camera allows everyone to become a photographer; the color photograph provides us a bibliographic detail of our daily lives. while vivid colors and the life like images can sometimes capture my imagination, I find that I'm drawn to a b&w photograph for it's expressive qualities that go beyond the expected colorations of our daily experience. In my work I strive to find those qualities that we see every day but don't see. although my work is fully digital from the "neg" to the print, i print with pigmented archival inks and paper, utilizing the piezography process striving to work within the limits found in the b&w darkroom before the digital age.

The artist holds a PhD in Biology and has been imaging through out his scientific career. He grew up in a small college town in Western NY, was introduced to photography and dark room work in high school. rediscovered it in graduate school, and now provides technical advice to the scientific community.

Special Thanks out to Susan Williamson,Visual Arts Coordinator Carroll Arts Center Westminster, MD with her encouragement I participated in my first public shows and to my family and friends for their continued support.